Get lost work!

When I keep using the same hash tag over and over again

I’m like:

While looking for new jobs to apply for

I see something and am like:

Me, today.

(welp, as part of this lovely economy, I was laid off today. Sad day my friends. But this doesn’t mean I’m defeated! PR is a great field and I just need to find something new!)

How I feel when my old coworker comes to visit

The day before a holiday weekend when I realize there are only three of us in the office

I’m like

When someone “forgets” to fact check their press release and I ask where they got their information

They’re like:

When I realize I forgot to respond to an important email

I’m like:

At the end of a ten-hour day, I ask weird questions like:

When I run into my favorite coworker at a store after work

I’m like: